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Chief of Police
Troy Lane
The chief of police is responsible for the direction of all activities of the department and reports to the senior associate vice chancellor for finance and administration. Other functions include commanding all organizational components and personnel, final approval of departmental policies, general management and leadership, and developing the budget for the department.
Deputy Chief of Administrative Division
Emily Simerly
Primary responsibility is to oversee the department’s budget and payroll.  Oversees Recruiting, Public Information, Community Relations Unit, Records, and Crime Analysis.
Business Manager
Diana Collinsworth
Primary responsibility is to aid the chief of police with planning daily functions. Serves as the administrative division’s office manager, produces the department’s annual report, and assists the chief and the assistant chief with the coordination and management of the department’s fiduciary responsibilities.
Kristen Kreger
Primary responsibility is processing the police department’s payroll, and is responsible for billing all recoverable overtime. Also provides clerical assistance to the chief of police and the assistant chief of police.