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The University of Tennessee Police Department is a service oriented department and provides a variety of services to aide our community. Our Community Relations Unit offers a wide variety of educational programs that provide steps to reduce the probability of being victimized. Unit programs include topics such as personal safety, alcohol awareness, or workplace violence. Our community service officers also offer boosts to motorist with dead batteries and will unlock cars when the owner has locked their key inside, if there is a community service officer available.

We provide assistance to our community members who are the victims of crime, such as providing assistance to them in obtaining an order of protection or information on the court process. UTPD is the primary storage of lost and found property for the university. The investigative section is able to provide fingerprinting services (except for immigration processing), copies of police incident or accident reports, or complaints against employees. They also provide safe storage for personal weapons and maintain and provide information for the state’s sex offender registry.

These are only a few of the services provided by the UTPD. Our knowledgeable communications staff is available at all times and are able to direct your problem to the appropriate department if we are unable to provide the service.

We do not charge UT students, staff, or faculty for any of our services.

Central Alarm Requests

Central Alarm is responsible for monitoring all alarms at UT.


UTPD Investigators are available to fingerprint members of the university community for various reasons (i.e.: bar applicants, security clearances, etc.).

Lost and Found

Certain types of found property may be turned in at any time to the UTPD.

Operation Identification

Register personal belongings, such as mobile devices, laptops, bicycles, or other valuables. In the event of theft, this information may help UTPD quickly track down your belongings.

Police Records

The UTPD Records Section is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays and administrative closings). There will be a monetary charge for all records released.

Police to Citizen (P2C) Online Services Portal

Citizens can use the online services portal to search for public safety incidents, submit incident report, and access other useful information. These new features are intended to provide convenience and greater ease of use.

Security Assessments

UTPD provides free security surveys of any residential or commercial building or area.

Sex Offender Registry

The Knoxville Police Department operates a registration station for registered sex offenders living at, attending, or working at the university.

Special Events

The UTPD Special Events Section is responsible for coordinating police presence at athletic events, concerts, and other special events on campus.

Vehicle Assistance

UTPD provides limited emergency vehicle assistance to motorist.

Victim Assistance

The UTPD Community Relations Unit is dedicated to providing victim assistance information to community members. In addition, we continually update the information our officers use when aiding victims.

Weapons Storage

The University of Tennessee Police Department offers secure, free weapons storage for students, staff, and faculty living in university housing. Weapons which are brought to campus by students, staff, and faculty for sporting purposes must be checked in and stored with the UTPD.