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UT Public Safety to Recognize Its Veterans during November

More than 20 employees of UT Public Safety have served across all branches of the US armed forces. Throughout the month of November—and in observance of Veterans Day—we will recognize those employees for their dedication to our country and the University of Tennessee.

These employees work in all units of UT Public Safety, including the UT Police Department, Emergency Management, and Environmental Health and Safety.

You will learn about their work in the military and about their current roles at UT.

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Mark Nyenhuis served in the US Army from 1972 to 1976. Following basic training, German language school, and radio traffic analyst school in the US, he was stationed at the Army Security Agency in Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. With his top secret clearance, he analyzed communications that were intercepted from Russian and German radio channels. Nyenhuis joined UT in 2001 and currently serves as a UTPD dispatcher on first shift.Mark Nyenhuis

Before he was one of UTPD’s motorcycle officers, Corporal Ron Humble served in the US Marine Corps from 1990 to 1996. Following basic training at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, he served on reserve duty in Nashville. As part of a light infantry unit and a helicopter assault unit, he was deployed in Operation Desert Storm to Saudi Arabia and the Kuwati border.

Ron Humble

Officer Corey Rosenbaum maintained Apache and Blackhawk helicopters in the US Army Reserves! Officer Rosenbaum is now a part of UTPD day shift patrol.

Corey Rosenbaum

Larry Hamlin parachuted out of planes when he served in the US Navy. We are thankful to have this Vietnam War veteran as a UTPD Community Service Officer!

Community Service Officer Larry Hamlin

As an infantryman in the US Army, Sergeant Brian Greenlee was deployed to Afghanistan in support of combat operations. He now serves as a UTPD night shift supervisor.

UTPD Sergeant Brian Greenlee

Corporal Brad Duerr served as a field artillery surveyor in the US Army. His deployments included Bosnia and three tours to Afghanistan. He now serves as a UTPD day shift patrol officer.

UTPD Corporal Brad Duerr

Lieutenant Jim Underwood served in the US Army as a tank crewman and gunner. Following a year in South Korea, he spent the majority of his service at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He now serves as a UTPD day shift supervisor.

UTPD Lieutenant Jim Underwood

Years before he became one of our motorcycle officers, Billy Pike served in the US Marines Corps during peacetime as a combat engineer and heavy construction equipment operator.

UTPD motorcycle officer Billy Pike

As a military policeman in the US Army, Chief Troy Lane was deployed to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in support of Operation Desert Storm. He now serves the UT community as UTPD chief of police and UT associate vice chancellor of public safety.

UTPD Chief Troy Lane

As a logistics technician for the US Marine Corps, Aaron Lee served fellow Marines by preparing supplies and equipment to support them during deployment. He now helps the university properly handle and dispose hazardous waste through his job in UT Environmental Health and Safety.

Corporal Paul Finley completed boot camp 61 years after his grandfather Gene Campbell did at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He served in the US Army in reconnaissance and as a machine gun operator. He now serves in UTPD’s Strategic Initiatives Unit.

UTPD Corporal Paul Finley

Chief Jeff Severs served as an Air Force security specialist in support of Operation Desert Storm. He now serves as UTPD deputy chief over operations.

UTPD Deputy Chief Jeff Severs

Brad Walker created preparedness plans to support combat operations and help the US Air Force better respond to natural catastrophes. Walker now helps UT prepare for large scale emergencies through UT Emergency Management.

Brad Walker from UT Emergency Management

Eddy Amaro Carrion served as a correctional officer in military prison facilities while in the US Marine Corps. He now serves as one of UTPD’s newest patrol officers.

UTPD Officer Eddy Amaro Carrion

Officer Will Stamper has served as a combat engineer in the US Army Reserves since 2014. He also serves the university as a UTPD night shift patrol officer!

UTPD Officer Will Stamper

Eric Kestner served as a US Army paratrooper trained to respond to combat situations from the air. He continues to serve our country as a reserve combat camera specialist and the UT community as a UTPD night shift patrol officer.

UTPD Officer Eric Kestner

Sandra Prior set up occupational safety and health programs for US Army soldiers and civilians in Germany. The retired colonel’s ancestors served in major conflicts from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam. Prior now serves as director of UT Environmental Health and Safety.

Sandra Prior, director of UT Environmental Health and Safety

Craig McInturff served as an electronic watch standard in the US Coast Guard and monitored electronic equipment. We are thankful to have him as a UTPD Community Service Officer!

Craig McInturff, UTPD Community Service Officer

As a US Marine, Brian Gard provided security at the White House under the Reagan administration. He now helps the university prepare for large scale emergencies as director of UT Emergency Management.

Brian Gard, director of UT Emergency Management