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UTgrad2019: Krista Adamsky, Supervisor in Dispatch

Krista Adamsky, a dispatch communications supervisor, graduated with an online Bachelor of Science in integrated studies with a criminal justice and education concentration from UT Chattanooga.

What interested you in the degree? The integrated studies degree gave me a chance to take two things I am passionate about, criminal justice and education, and create a program tailored to my interest in theories from both disciplines.

Krista Adamsky, a dispatch communications supervisor, graduated with an online bachelor’s in integrated studies from UT Chattanooga.How does it help you in your work? It has become remarkably valuable in my opportunity to teach the Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) for-credit program, but also as a supervisor. It has helped me develop an effective process for dealing with the alarm systems across campus and has helped me teach others at the university how to manage and maintain their own access control.

How did you manage the work-life-school balance? Since my degree was all online, it was easy for me to compartmentalize my time between work, school, and personal life. It was much harder when I got promoted because it was a lot to take on at once. Thankfully I was able to take a semester off. I won’t say it was easy, but it was definitely doable.

Tips for UT employees interested in pursuing a degree: I think my biggest tip would be time management. It is so important to find balance between obligations, and if you can’t manage your time you’ll really just be adding stress to your life.

Now that school is done, what is the first fun thing on your list? I’m going to Disney! And Motocross Nationals in Jacksonville over the summer. I’m taking a 10-day vacation before going back to school in the fall.