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Ashley Anderson: College Grad, Aspiring Police Officer, UTPD Dispatcher

UTPD Dispatcher Ashley Anderson works third shift.Third Shift (11 p.m. to 7 a.m.)

Ashley Anderson loved being at UT so much that she decided she wanted to start a career at the university after graduation.

“As a student, UT felt like a home away from home,” she said. “I was introduced to the City of Knoxville and got to meet new people, some who became good friends. I always felt a part of the culture on campus.”

After earning her bachelor’s degree in sociology in May 2017, the Greeneville, Tennessee, native applied and was accepted for a job in the UTPD dispatch center. She has worked there for a year.

Outside interests: She enjoys playing the guitar, playing video games, watching movies, playing with her dogs, and reading books.

 What surprises people about your job? “We are the first point of contact for a majority of people. We answer the calls and then dispatch them to the officers. We also are the officers’ main point of contact for each call.”

If she didn’t do this . . . After college graduation, her goal was to get a job at UT so she could further her education and stay in Knoxville. She would eventually like to obtain a job within the law enforcement sector and earn a master’s degree.

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