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Educational Programs

The Community Relations Unit (CRU) has many different programs available for presentation around the clock. Many of our programs are researched and developed by personnel within our department and have been very well received by the university community. We believe our programs to be both educational and entertaining, and we avoid the traditional lecture format whenever possible. Most of our programs are structured in a way that creates opportunities for active audience participation. This student/instructor interaction results in an enjoyable environment conducive to learning.

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Below are commonly presented programs, however, UTPD can  modify or create a specific program to fit your needs. 

Available Classes

Alcohol use is prevalent on many college and university settings. High-risk behaviors associated with alcohol abuse and misuse impact all community members. This program addresses the dangers associated with excessive drinking and brings awareness to hazards of driving while impaired. This interactive course utilizes a Nintendo Wii as a driving simulator, as well as “drunk” goggles to imitate intoxication and drunk driving.

1 to 1.5 Hour(s)

One of the most frightening situations that can occur on a college campus is dealing with an active shooter. An active shooter is a person who is actively threatening lives or prepared to threaten lives in a populated  area. This program focuses on how to deal with a potential active shooter situation. The course gives information on past occurrences, warning signs, and what to do if a shooting occurs in your immediate area.

One Hour for the Class or Two Hours for the Class and Drill

Every fifteen seconds, a woman is battered in the US by her husband, boyfriend, or live-in partner. This course  focuses on the warning signs of domestic violence, relevant Tennessee  statistics, and available area resources.

One Hour

Theft of unsecured property is one of the biggest crimes seen on college campuses. Operation ID is a theft prevention program offered free of charge by the UTPD. This program involves keeping records of your personal properties serial number and a detailed description of the item, as well as applying a theft-deterrent sticker and or engraving your item with a unique, definable characteristic. Taking action in this way can help aid the recovery and return of lost or stolen items. To host an Operation ID we will need a table to place the forms preferably near an entrance.

One to Two Hours

No one is immune to crime; however, there is a way to greatly reduce your risk through proactive actions. The foundation of  this course focuses on risk reduction and risk awareness. This general seminar covers many safety topics, including sexual assault and rape prevention. Depending on the group composition, some practical self-defense moves may be incorporated.

One Hour

Every  six minutes, a rape takes place in the US. The Rape Aggression Defense system is comprised of easy to learn, proven, effective physical tactics that may enable you to survive a violent encounter. This dynamic, hands-on program was designed for the average woman, beginning with awareness, risk reduction, avoidance, and overall prevention. Basic techniques are taught in an enjoyable format by certified instructors.  This is a 12 hour class that is typically spaced over 3 days in 4 hour segments.  You must be able to take all 12 hours to take the class.

12 Hours
*Women Only

You are your best defense. This educational awareness, crime-victim prevention program encompasses strategies, techniques, options, and prevention. It will provide teenage and adult women with information that may reduce their risk of exposure to violence and introduces them to the physical aspects of self-defense.

One Hour
*Women Only

One in five women report being forced to have sexual intercourse at some point in their lives. This class offers information on rape awareness and prevention, and provides students with information regarding counseling availability. Discussions of awareness and avoidance are covered as well.

One Hour

Fun, laid back group settings are a great time to meet new people and enjoy some of the independence that comes with college life; however, there are some dangers associated with large gatherings of people you may not know. This program addresses many of these potential dangers about college parties and gives participant safety tips for enjoying social settings in a college atmosphere.

45 to 60 Minutes

Spring Breakers tend to flock to popular destinations. Unfortunately, these areas become target-rich environments for criminals. This program is aimed at prevention by highlighting awareness to the potential dangers of spring break travel. The course will cover travel and personal safety, situational awareness, and will touch on alcohol and drug awareness.

45 to 60 Minutes

Along with the legal ramifications, abuse of illegal drugs can cause serious health dangers. This program discusses the dangers of drug abuse, as well as the abuse of prescription medication. The course also highlights the misconceptions students may have concerning drug use.

45 to 60 Minutes

TIPS for the University is a program that helps students make sound choices when faced with difficult decisions about alcohol use. Working together, students address drinking behaviors specific to their schools and develop intervention techniques appropriate to their campuses. TIPS for the University provides students with the knowledge and confidence necessary to reduce high-risk drinking behavior among their peers.

TIPS sessions are offered through the classroom with a certified TIPS Trainer. Training is implemented through video and printed materials to facilitate discussion of the course content. Course material is presented in three sections: Information, Skills Training and Practice/Rehearsal.

As the final step of a TIPS session, participants complete a multiple-choice exam. Participants who pass the exam receive a certification card, valid for three years in most areas.

Two to Four Hours

The community interacts with police officers every day. Sometimes, through miscommunication, these interactions can have a negative community impact. This program will explain police officers roles in many common situations (traffic stops, DUI stops, crime reports, etc.)  and how to minimize potential negativity through effective communication. This program welcomes questions from the audience, as audience interactions are an essential part of the program.

One Hour

Nearly two million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence in the last year. This session covers information regarding the escalating problems of violence in the workplace, and characteristics of potentially violent individuals. Prevention and avoidance strategies will also be addressed.

One Hour


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